Matthew Litherland-Walker was born in Tasmania,
Australia in 1991 to an English mother and Tasmanian father. He currently resides
predominantly in Sydney, Australia.

Matthew’s maternal side moved to Tasmania from
England in the 1970’s and are of English and Portuguese (believed to be Sephardic
Jewish) decent. Matthew’s mother gained Australian citizenship after he was
born in the 1990’s. The family still resides in Australia. The Portuguese side
was involved in Fish and Chip shop and Grocery Stores in England and Wales in
the early to mid 1900s and the English side involved in Horticulture.

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Matthew’s Paternal side migrated to Tasmania
from England and Scotland during the mid to late 1800’s. With descendants from Dumfries
Scotland and Essex England. The Scottish side of the family was involved in the
early establishment of flower milling in Tasmania and the Essex side involved
in politics and farming.

Matthew’s lived in a small town in the North of
Tasmania frequenting one set of grandparents farms and the others country home
and orchard. He was introduced to art, creativity and design by his parents and
grandparents and was always encouraged to pursue creative endeavours.

Matthew grew up competing in multiple sports particularly
filed athletic events, motocross and rowing. Continuing rowing and motocross in
the future working as a videographer (motocross, supercross, automotive) and
being a part of the National Talent ID squad as a rower.

Sadly Art was somewhat suppressed as it wasn’t considered
as “cool” during Matthew’s sporting period. Thankfully it didn’t stop more just
suppressed. Matthew went on to operate a clothing line in his early 20’s and
the before mentioned career as a videographer.

 Now working as a fine artist and designer in the
space of clothing, leather goods and furniture.

After multiple encounters with God Matthew pursued
a relationship with God (Jesus) in 2015 and testifies this is the core of his
life, vision and creativity. His art is often heavily influenced by his faith
in Christ and often views his art as a pursuit of worship.

His work is as prior mentioned rooted in his
faith, influenced by his relationship with God and his upbringing and experiences.
Matthew is driven to create art that complements homes, family life and the
visual experience and joy of being in a space with compelling art. His art
sometimes has a meaning but is often driven by texture, colours and feeling. He
plays with shadows to give depth and dimension to artwork and is known for layering
paintings giving views multiple directions and experiences when viewing a painting.

Matthew is business minded and wants his art to
grow in value and endeavours to grow his brand as a Christian, an Artist, a
Designer and businessman. His intentions would be for his art to be an asset to
the families that purchase his art.