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Scarlet Palais

TITLE: The joy of our heart is ceased; our dance is turned into mourning.

TITLE: The joy of our heart is ceased; our dance is turned into mourning.

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520mm X 761mm on Plastic Etching Plate. 


Plastic Etching Plate. Parts of this art are clear and you can see the wall behind. The art will change depending on the wall you put it on and also if you frame it you can put whit card behind it. 

Golden and Liquitex (spray, acrylic gouache, General Acrylics) and Resin with inks and pigments. Also Gold (German) spray paint. 

Partly transparent, bold combination of resin, paint and spray paint, I like that the transparency of the art means it breaths differently depending on the wall that it's mounted to and or whatever card is behind it in a frame. Matthew's work is often uplifting and vibrant, pushing what's possible and searching for the desired result over the technique. The vibrant peace can stand alone or with a collection in both modern contemporary homes and classic architecture.

We endeavor to accurately depict the image. This is 1x painting on Plastic Etching Plate with full image and close up images. 520mm X 761mm. 

His work is  rooted in his faith, influenced by his relationship with God and his upbringing and experiences. Matthew is driven to create art that complements homes, family life and the visual experience and joy of being in a space with compelling art. There is also an aspect of his art that is purely creative and doesn't chase meaning rather visual experience, beauty, texture, colours and feeling. He plays with shadows to give depth and dimension to artwork and is known for layering paintings giving views multiple directions and experiences when viewing a painting.  

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